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2001-sept-11now isn't this most weird?!:
this is a cd that was releasesed   d a y s   b e f o r e   the   t w o   p l a n e s   crashed into ny's world trade center 1&2
coincidentally i bought this exactly the moment the assault happened!

update 2001-sept-13:
we have contacted the recordshop we bought this at (in berlin, germany) once again who told us they stock this cd since mid of june when it was released.
we have contacted the artist and hope to feature here an extensive explanation on what his motives were to chose that then-fantasy scenario as cover picture!

update 2001-sept-14:
we just talked to the main artist behind the 'tele trieste' project, who released that cd and who goes by the artistic pseudonym 'eyeon'.
'tele trieste' is a collaboration between berlin based electronic music artists 'eyeon' and 'mode selektor'.
the recording is a 35 minutes live session recorded on 7th of april 2001 (thus the titel 'live 07.04.1462'), ranging from power electronics to dark ambient and more rhythmical stuff.
now what most likely interests people most - the cover picture:
the collage was made THE END OF MAY, using a picture olaf winkelmann photographed himself when visiting new york in june 1998. the airplane icons were cut out from an educational book for students. the artist says there were no political intentions behind the collage and he promised to send us a further statement later on.

now the most important part for those who believe the whole thing is a hoax:

the cd went into distribution through staalplaat/neurotitan and das drehmoment, both located in germany, on the FOURTEENTH OF JUNE, three months ago!
for further questions about the artist or the product you might want to contact teletrieste/eyeon at or via telephone ++49/30/47374707 or fax ++49/30/47374706.

update 2001-sept-14:
please see the following and, concerning the questions everybody is longing to see answered, rather unsatisfying statement of the artists who want his real name remain to be unknown:

1.the music was recorded live in april 2001 by tele trieste (eyeon & modeselektor)
2. the collage was done by eyeon in june 2001
3. "live 07.04.1462" is avaible since june 2001
4. eyeon and tele trieste have no political or religious intensions

14.09.01 eyeon for insekt angelica