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« Past
In the Eighties we lived for our extreme music with our body and our soul: Industrial, Atonal, Noise, and don't forget Punk.
In the post-TG-era we discovered that there was a whole lot more. The scene grew larger and started to organize itself: networks were formed, mailorder, mail art, video distribution and tape culture... at the same time new spiritual lifestyles evolved: T.O.P.Y., T-Circle, C.P.M., C.o.t.S.G, Neo-Neoism and more.
From the then isolated and encaptured West-Berlin we strongly participated to the world wide industrial network with diverse activities: concerts, rituals, exhibitions, a tape label & tape distribution etc.
Around the time of the fall of the Berlin wall, we believed it to be all over. No inspiration, no energy ... no nothing.

» Forwards
Toward the end of the nineties we had a totally new situation: late but better than never, electronic music finally became accepted in America and a new national & international generation developed. The internet simplified information flow and exchange ­ a vision Dr. Leary prophecied many, many years ago.

Ten years later we're back in business.

In January 2000 T. Torsay and S. Schwanke brought Ironflame.de to life - a central informations headquarter for industrial, experimental electronic music, atonal & ritual sounds, neofolk and related topics.The site registers over 25,000 page clicks a month due to its international subject matter, despite being written only in german. Ironflame.de hold a strong position in the global network for extreme music and culture. This makes us happy, proud and encourages us to maintain an up-to-date and ever-growing information source.
Three years after launching the site we have all reason to celebratethis successful period and will ­ with the release of an affectionately designed compilation box set, which presents the very best in todays difficult-, minimal- and power electronics, black ambient and dark folk.

West-Berlin, spring 2003



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